what does it look like?

Everything starts with an idea. A movie, a new hospital concept, a campaign to realign a corporate presence, a car ad, a motion piece, a board game – all ideas.

At a certain point in the evolution of the idea the important consideration becomes “what does it look like?”

We at the Sulky Bros. harness technology and skilled, focused visual development to answer this question. We begin with rapid concept explorations, expressed visually, and with great skill and beauty.

We use explorative tools – such as 3D software, paint, pencil and lines, motion considerations, type explorations, rough story and concept boards – to create work that represents the idea with power, beauty, and narrative.

Our clients can be confident they will have a product true to the initial idea, with its story told and executed most beautifully.

So, in answer to your What Does it Look Like? – call the Bros. at Sulky, and we’ll show you.