SacredAgent Exploration

SacredAgent Visual Style Exploration

One of our favorite efforts was working on SacredAgent with a great team. We have spent nearly two years with them and are proud of most of the current beta release. Here is an unveiling of very early artwork/exploration never before seen. Visit the other SacredAgent pages to see varied implementations of these ideas.

We have a detailed explanation of SacredAgent on the titled sections of our site, so we won’t re-explain here, except to say it is designed to be an interactive environment where tailored wisdom would be presented to the user via agent technology and in an actual digital environment. The key, for us, was an interactive and physical environment.

The initial brief which initiated these images was for a compelling reason to structure the experience as a video game, rather than a typical website (Oprah’s was the model they were considering), and then to provide sufficient material for investor presentations to pursue the more expensive option. Also critical was helping the principal find what this world needed to look like.

This early period ended with a successful fund-raising campaign and we began sprinting on creating this world. We tried to blend reality with surreality in a believable and appreciable way. These images, while not exactly represented in the final product, were a big reason why we won the full project visual design contract and also represent a huge step to working efficiently with the project’s principal as we were able to quickly generate new iterations to enhance the brainstorm process.

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