SacredAgent Tradition Bay

SacredAgent Tradition Bay

Environment Design

Tradition Bay proved a unique challenge – an impartial representation of major traditions, unranked by preference or location. Major traditions shoulder-to-shoulder presented without the bias of those creating the landscape. What type of structure could house this utility? What “natural” formation would be user-navigable and offer the flexibility of being duplicated for each tradition while staying dynamic and unique sufficiently to host an intricate and powerful interface? What possibly would this look like?

Of the original destinations of SacredAgent, Tradition Bay was designed to be one of the more useful and commercially appealing of the experience. Here major religions of the world can be compared issue by issue. Users can filter by tradition (religious or belief practice) and also by author (sage, in SacredAgent land).

Initially seven major traditions were chosen. Each are represented by a plinth inscribed with that tradition’s title and topped with a carved representation of a symbol traditionally associated with that tradition. The blank front serves as the “screen” by which users interact with the information available here.

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