SacredAgent Tower of Sages

SacredAgent Tower of Sages

Environment Design

As wisdom is the initial primary product of SacredAgent, much weight is placed on the shoulders of the authors of this wisdom. In SacredAgent, these are known as sages. Initially hundreds of sages were identified as having written relevant content. Appropriate and specific quotes were then pulled from each by a large content team.

SacredAgent needed a mechanism by which users could interact, even if on a basic level, with the sage and their biography. The Tower of Sages became the elegant solution of what this would look like. The tower is a structure made up entirely of these sages, their bios, and relevant information contained on Sage Cards. This tower is explorable. If a user is interested in a specific sage, they are carried to face that sage’s card full-screen.

The user can manipulate the Tower via the SageSorter located on the beach of the lake. As variable criteria are input, the user can see the Tower build and re-build as they modify their preferences. This is the most mechanical visual in the land, but the design fits the overall schema.

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