SacredAgent Panorama

SacredAgent Panorama

Environment Design

SacredAgent is the world’s first interactive online source for personalized wisdom delivery. The idea’s core is based on Agent technology – an intelligent Agent identifies and delivers relevant, tailored quotes and content to users based on their pre-defined and Agent-discovered preferences. The idea was originally born in 1994, but only recently has there been an approachable balance of available technology versus what would need to be invented.

The Panorama is a navigable 360-degree environment and is the initial landing point within SacredAgent. Each destination is accessible from here.

This project reinforces the need for a progress and iterative-based conceptual development process. The site’s initial plan involved a presentation echoing typical web schematics and structure. But Sulky saw a better way. As we presented various environment concept explorations, however, the principal made the key decision to base SacredAgent in an explorable landscape, where interaction would be more similar to a video game than a web site. We were then tasked to discover what this previously improbable world would look like.

This project represents over two years of Sulky resources and effort. Obviously only a very small portion of the work created for this experience will be shown here. They are displayed by destination of the final experience, as each was exhaustively considered and present the best stage by which to contextualize the work.

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