SacredAgent Kindred Falls

SacredAgent Kindred Falls

Environment Design

All project principals agreed early in planning SacredAgent that sociality would be a vital factor of success. As social networking has evolved, various tools and ideas became synchronous to what we intended for the employment of connection within the experience.

These ideas, as proposed, would be part of a communal area, where users could share, point other users to particularly meaningful and relevant content, and perhaps become Sages themselves. Here water – the most meaningful element of SacredAgent, becomes a prominent point of connection from user to user, as more highly ranked are above in the water and others aspiring are lower in the flow.

The arena was designed to feel like a well-used and beloved architectural staple of the SacredAgent landscape that was designed to harness the mystical power of the water’s flow. Intimate and familiar to all, though not individualized to the point of sacrificing the community’s dynamic, it’s a place of gathering for the sole point of contact.

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