PolyPak Armorite

Armorite by PolyPak

Naming & Identity Design

PolyPak, one of the country’s finest extruder, converter, and printer of polyethylene products, realized an advantage could be had by refreshing a visually tired industry – deposit and security bags. Little imagination had been deposited in this field for some time while untold sums of cash-based business revenues are daily stuffed into these envelopes to be deposited tamper-free.

PolyPak wanted to increase their share in the security bag market, and sought to win it with a unique concept that would revitalize expectations of security bags. But what would this concept look like and what would it be called?

In their preparatory research, PolyPak recognized that a solid idea – a renewed focus on concept, narrative, and perception, would be a valuable stride toward market momentum. They realized the image of the bags currently in the industry did not visually reflect nor bolster the purpose these specialized bags were created for. Visuals did not support a perception of strength.

Sulky’s first job was to name the new product line. After significant research and internal brainstorming over the many ideas, the name emerged – “Armorite.” The client lead loved it and we moved to step two – the identity.

We knew the identity would spend most of it’s time on the bags themselves. We also knew the bag had to use two colors or less. So we began with this in mind and explored various concepts of strength and protection using value and scale as contributing elements. Each iteration was seen through the narrative concepts of strength, stamina, and resiliency. The final identity is a simple but strong element that the client was ecstatic about.

















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