Novint Falcon

Novint Falcon

Brand Design

Novint Technologies, Inc., the pioneer of realistic 3d touch and force feedback for consumer computing, needed narrative and conceptual development to help tell their story of gaming innovation. They then needed the ideas from this development applied to identity and packaging projects.

Novint is known for their skills at developing new – new categories of products, new ways to interface with technology, new levels of realism and feedback from computing. This started with the award-winning Falcon which added high-fidelity interactive three-dimensional touch and force feedback to gaming. This innovation continued with the Pistol Grip that offers a new level of interaction with popular games.

The Falcon packaging was Sulky’s first project for Novint. This would be their retail packaging system so there was a tremendous amount of attention given this phase. The Falcon needed to be the hero, and as a new entry trying to create a new channel within the gaming industry, the Falcon needed to be featured prominently and give consumers a sense of familiarity. Overall design and visual cues were added to reinforce the packaging and message. Novint was so pleased with the packaging they contracted Sulky to continue working with their next innovation – The Pistol Grip.

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