Series 40 Dictionary App Interface Design

Mobile app development firm Mobifusion was recently awarded a large production contract from Nokia to develop several dictionary interfaces for Series 40 phone applications, available via the Nokia app store. Mobifusion wanted to impress the juggernaut mobile company, so they asked Sulky to develop some ideas of what this interface would look like.

The beauty of the Series 40 operating system is it’s simplicity, so we tried to support this as a delicately crafted concept throughout the design process, relying on quickly rendered assets and dynamic-friendly treatments to keep the app responsive. We also allocated and utilized space and area efficiently to make the screen present itself as spacious and accessible. We explored a number of layout concepts and themes, some of which we show here.

Of the design, Nokia USA released: “The new apps you are producing for us are really snappy. I love the way they work. I’ll be sure to make them Hero Apps and they will be demo’ed at conferences and trade shows.”

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