My Robot Nation

My Robot Nation

Corporate Brand Visual Development

3D printing is quickly becoming not just a reality, but a convenient addition to user-intensive workflows and engineering-based rapid prototyping. What is missing is the link to non-CAD content for users not expert in 3D software and technology. Realizing the need for such content, while apprehending the value this could offer the retail space, two game industry veterans joined forces with one of the larger 3D printers in the industry to offer a vehicle for and library of such content. This is My Robot Nation.

My Robot Nation is an engine that allows anyone to create and design (in real-time and with skill-affordable technology) robots that are, once complete and ordered, 3D printed and delivered to the doorstep of the user. A first. And such a first that Google is featuring them prominently, beside some obscure company about rageful poultry on their Google Chrome store launch.

Sulky was asked by the founders to build a visual language that would establish and corner the company’s branding on the traits they hoped to communicate, including a sense of mischief, nation, variety, and community – as if these robots always were and the user has given them life, connecting them to their own. Concerns were abundant that these would be seen as kids’ toys rather than tangible cool for those targeted. We created the logo, the imagery, the visual style, the presentation concepts, etc. and in the process have found a tremendous client we love to work with.

















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