iPad App Interface Design

Mobile app design is foundational as a vigorous channel for art direction and concept firms to establish themselves. The compact and intimate form (holding the experience in your hands) demands a new approach to concept and interface consideration.

Mobile publishing powerhouse Mobifusion (currently with 124 iPhone apps and 69 iPad apps in iTunes) has traditionally handled design duties in-house. After seeing Sulky work, they offered us an opportunity to re-visualize a foray into a commonly seen and immensely popular app category – the recipe app. The brief was for a dynamic, creative, and simple interface with elegant touches throughout in both art and experience thoughtfulness. The app was to be the most thoughtful and considerate reference for cooks, stuffed with tools and with heavy perspective given to the preparation and cooking processes.

We decided early that experience was paramount. We wanted to host the interface with as many familiar and tangible elements as possible, boosting feelings of familiarity and common awareness from the user, while maintaining a high level of class and simplicity. Heavy emphasis was given to the recipe, the usability of lists specified by a recipe’s plan and demand, and the convenience of planning schedules featuring meal planners for organization.

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