Hemphill Speedy

Hemphill Speedy

Corporate Site Redesign

When Hemphill Speedy wished to utilize beautiful and compelling design and imagery to define their brand as a valuable tool in increasing market presence, contemporary with their sister company Specialized Crane, they asked Sulky to figure out what they should look like and how their story should best be told.

Narrative played a substantial and durable role with the visual development of Hemphill Speedy’s initial brand design phase. Their employment in the connection of two points, of providing critical machinery in an incredibly unique and dynamic, and sometimes dangerous, way, being the provider of tools and infrastructure to support the fueling and progression of our country – were all invigorating concepts that beg to be abundantly conveyed.

We worked with several photograph sessions and began to develop a visual language that would be flexible in implementing online, in print, and to support the sales staff with company collateral. Heavy post-production and narrative development brings even a simple truck portrait into the Hemphill Speedy visual family – as distinct and presentable as they are. Thus far, Sulky has provided photography, image post-production and design, interactive design, and brand/visual development to be utilized in upcoming projects.

  1. Visitor
    November 13, 2011 at 11:33 am

    Excellent work.